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Watch a video of the Axopar 37 Sun-Top cruising the beautiful turquoise waters of Mallorca.

The Axopar 37 Sports Cabin is a new sleeker, sportier interpretation of the fully enclosable Cabin and Aft Cabin models. A unique benchmark in affordable island hopping and fast, comfortable commuting.

The new Axopar 37 SC embraces the cool looks, sleek design and attention to detail of the other 37 models as well as their inherently fast, yet safe & stable ride thanks to the deep-v and twin-stepped hull configuration.

Apart from the new windscreen design the 37 SC features an electrically operated canvas roof as standard and also incorporates higher attention to detail in the upholstery and interior details with lacquered walnut wood interior, Niroxx upholstery with white diamond patterned stitching, a suede covered steering wheel to mention a few upgrades. The L-shaped settee with space for six people seated around a central table is carried over from the Cabin models.

Our Concept

We strive to redefine and enhance Your boating experience with modern design and functionality, to achieve exhilarating and fuel efficient driving combined with competitive pricing.

New Boating Experience

We drive the development work of our newest project even further to provide boaters with an entirely new boating experience. To achieve this we are rethinking the way we produce boats to create a boat that is lighter, more fuel efficient and more affordable than ever before.

We set to challenge ourselves to come up with something totally different, something that is instantly recognizable on the water, fresh in design combined with safety, ease of use and versatility. The results of our efforts and dedication to creating something truly unique can be seen through the awards our 28 range has earned and the rave reviews the 37 and 24 ranges have received from all over the world.


Quick Facts


Boating Redefined


Low centre of gravity

Axopar hulls are based on the unique advantages of RIB boats. Outstanding handling, lightweight construction and unparallelled safety. A boat with the perfect combination of exhilarating driving and fuel economy.


Low weight

Development of innovative modular construction methods and lightweight design combined with the advantages of standardization results in a price tag not found on a premium range of boats.


Low fuel consumption

Groundbreaking efficiency with twin stepped 22 degree V “Sharp entry hull” for enhanced fuel efficiency that utilises the true potential and reliability of outboard engines.

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